The Operating System

So called because a lot of us are or are related to computers. We are probably not the only ones to name ourselves that lol

Anyways! We're a median system, of the type where people are distinct but lack amnesia barriers (which i guess kind of makes us indistinct, since we have a singular perception of self? ah whatever words are hard). We recently heard the term "monoconscious" which seems like it fits? We collectively respond to the name "Nonny" and any neopronouns or they/she.

Identified individuals include:

HT Chara Niko/Kitty Silver
they/them they/she she/they she/her
  • The great unraveling of all things
  • A collective entity in their own right
  • Hungy
  • Being perpetually 13 means they've always got chuunibyou!
  • Has 30 billion kintypes besides their main presentation
  • Determination.
  • She's baby!
  • Pet the kitten
  • Adorable.
  • Robot friend!
  • Canonmates with Niko we think?
  • Usually quiet tbh
(image tbd)
Sans Protag Root
he/him they/them he/they
  • You know the one.
  • Selfcest?????
  • Lazybones
  • Two of them
  • Universal Public Moirail
  • Play Pesterquest
  • Token non-fictive
  • The sole wielder of Any Executive Function Whatsoever
  • Angy about this

Theres probably more folks in here that we just havent figured out who they are yet. Theres definitely some people weve identified but like, we arent sure if theyre distinct people or just someones kinning? Identity is hard man

(Doll assets taken from Dollzmania)